We are Interdisciplinary artists that permanently or temporarily update your spaces with intriguing, thought-provoking and intricate designs.

Truly Art Undefined!  We are innovators in the creative industry known for our artwork, soundwork and prose that captures the essence of any subject or area.

To children’s places and open spaces,  from commercial premises to shopping centres.   We transform empty spaces into breath-taking conversation pieces.

Using a combination of materials, genres and mediums; we redefined art.  With pop-up art, pop-up performances and pop-up workshops and activities.




Deadline for submissions:  30 June 2020


Deadline for submissions:  30 June 2020


Launching Autumn 2020



Art Undefined Full portfolio

 Art Undefined

DJ and Poet Collaboration. Sound with Vision! An explosive blend of Sound, Colour and Movement – The art of storytelling; blending different mediums, encouraging deep listening and profound understanding. Inspired by art forms across the world; we create art that crosses over genres – Theatre Arts; Art Installations & Exhibitions; Spoken Word and Soundworks; Carnival Arts As Therapy; Bespoke Art Projects; Cultural Art Exhibitions & Workshops; Photo Mosaics and Montages; Hand Poured Candles & Waxworks; 3D Design & Printing; Community Art Projects; Visual, Digital and Graphic Art.


Why Art Undefined?

In 2003, when we started Nine Red we wanted to create art that was reflective of who we are a Unique, dynamic, highly collaborative and responsive organisation, that didn’t want to be defined by labels or put in boxes.

As we grew as an organisation, arts organisations, funders and commercial partners put so much pressure on us to define who we are; build a brand, fit into a box with assigned labels and target a specific audience.

However, the work that we produced crosses so many genres, so many industries we had built a multi-faceted organisation, that just did not fit.  Then there is us personally, “Thou Art Controversial” by nature we are maverick.

Our art challenges preconceptions and refuses to be defined by other people’s labels. Our art is used to enable our audiences to see a snapshot into other peoples worlds and to view society from another persons eyes.  To see an individual as a whole and not by whatever labels we ascribed them, so the only definition we could have for ourselves would be Art Undefined.

Art Undefined is not a brand, concept or idea, it is who we are and what we do.  It is the essence of our nature and the artwork that we produce; born to transcend labels, we are design refined, no labels assigned, uniquely defined, Art Undefined.