Lutons’ Lost Legacies

The “Lutons’ Lost Legacies” project began being developed in 2010 and is inspired by the “Hertfordshire’s Hidden Histories” project. However, instead of focusing on the slavery history of Luton, “Lutons’ Lost Legacies” explores the history and backgrounds of all diverse cultures in Luton and feeds it into the existing narrative as one combined heritage.

Beginning in June 2022, Nine Red Presents… (CIC) will be launching the “Lutons’ Lost Legacies” project from the Pavilion in Sundon Park. As part of this project, we will create a cultural storytelling trail, ending at Wardown House. This trail would be a heritage walk similar to “The Bunyan Trail” and will pull on that nostalgic thread – (we all read Pilgrim’s Progress at school), except instead of a country walk, it’s urban.

Working with The Luton Historical Society and Luton Heritage Forum, via Paul Hammond, to create a Heritage Trail. Using ‘narrative psychology and the art of storytelling to share the multi-stories of people’s lives, enriching the entire community.

 It combines our heritage sites with our historic industries and iconic/cultural events. The trail would start at SKF in Sundon Park to Wardown House via Leagrave Park, Waulud’s Bank, Bramingham, Icknield, the Old Bedford Road. Various cultural storytelling techniques are used along each trail to share and celebrate the stories of residents who have, do and did in ancient times, walk these paths and places.