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Capturing Magic Through The Arts

We began as a DJ and Poet Collaboration, producing Sound with Vision! That is an explosive blend of Sound, Colour and Movement – The true art of storytelling; blending different mediums, encouraging deep listening and profound understanding.


As time went on we became inspired by art forms across the world; and began creating art that crosses over genres – From Theatre Arts to Multimedia Performance Arts; From  Art Installations & Exhibitions to Spoken Word and Soundworks; Using Carnival Arts As Therapy and creating Bespoke Art Projects– including Cultural Art Exhibitions & Workshops; Photo Mosaics and Montages; Hand Poured Candles & Waxworks; 3D Printing; Community Art Projects and Visual, Digital and Graphic Art. At our core,  we are About Art Undefined, Design Refined, Pushing Boundaries and anything Uniquely Defined.


Today NINE RED Presents… (CIC) (NRP) is a Queen’s Award winning community interest company, ran by interdisciplinary artists that permanently or temporarily update spaces and change people, places and spaces with intriguing, thought-provoking and intricate designs.

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About Art Undefined Artists

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Design refined

Over the past 17 years we have delivered projects funded or commissioned by The Big Lottery, London Luton Airport Ltd Community Fund, Luton Borough Council (LBC), Steel Charitable trust and a variety of schools and universities that fall into two categories:-


Firstly, Think Art!  In projects funded by Arts Council England and the Big Lottery, we have become innovators in the creative industry known for our artwork, soundwork and prose that captures the essence of any subject or area. To children’s places and open spaces,  from commercial premises to shopping centres.   We have been commissioned by schools and local authorities to transform empty spaces into breath-taking conversation pieces. Using a combination of materials, genres and mediums; we redefined art; with pop-up art, pop-up performances, pop-up workshops and activities. In short, Think Art! Is About Art Undefined, refining design by thinking and creating artwork “outside of the box”.


Secondly, Think Therapy. As part of University of Bedfordshire Testbeds programme in 2018, together with funding from LBC’s  YSYW EU CLLD fund, London Luton Airport Ltd Community Fund and Steele Charitable Trust, Debra Knight our CEO provides “Poetry E.motion” and “Art Medicine”  holistic packages of support for socially disadvantaged groups with complex needs:- including victims of domestic/sexual violence and individuals affected by mild – moderate mental health conditions. Much like Think Art! Think Therapy is also About Art Undefined, but in this application it  realligns therapy with art and other non-medical treatments to empower individuals and enhance lives.


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Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2016

Capturing The Essence

Changing Spaces, People & Places.

The Think Art! and Think Therapy projects converged in 2019 when NRP & Debra Knight as the only Luton born lead artist on LBC’s  PPP Pilot Year used these projects to deliver under LBC’s June Theme.  Since this time, NRP continues to provide Art as Medicine to help individuals to overcome trauma, gain confidence and self-esteem and to help manage anxiety, depression and stress.

NRP is a dynamic, highly collaborative and responsive organisation, led by individuals who are female, BME and Disabled with a proven track record of working inclusively. As community leaders NRP is highly relevant and culturally focused as evidenced by being awarded The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service as well as many community awards.  This is testament to how relevant our work is viewed by the local community as well as attesting to our being champions of good leadership.

After 17 years of service we are still growing; clearly, we are ambitious and constantly seek to improve and demonstrate high quality work in order to show Luton at its best.

All our commercial work supports our community projects that provide a holistic package of support for socially disadvantaged groups including victims of domestic sexual violence and mental health conditions.

NRP changes people, places and spaces. Think Art! Think Therapy, Think Nine Red.

The Queen’s Award

NINE RED Presents Queens Award Buckingham Palace