Pop-Up Art

An Alternative Way To Enjoy Art.

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A New Way to enjoy art

Pop-up art has been gaining popularity in both community arts and the art world as a way of breathing life into under used spaces such as commercial spaces, empty warehouses, shopfronts and office buildings, etc.

Changing Spaces

Additionally, Pop-up shows provide artists with the opportunity to show works in temporary spaces, offering an outlet for works to be shown effectively for short periods of time in creative places, offering traffic and life to empty, non-active spaces and creating new, uncommon audience experiences for everyone.

Make A Statement

Pop-up art is artful and allows for the creation of art-filled spaces.

Let Us Run Your Pop-up art Show

It’s What We Do Best

Because we’ve spent over 20 years working on the arts scene, we’ve gained experience and often learnt the hard way, so you don’t have too.

Let us know your Theme, Concept or Idea

Having a central theme or focus, that can be open to interpretation, allows us to build the Pop-up art show and display works around this central theme.

Let us know your Set dates and Venue

Try to give us enough time to properly plan, contact artists, collect art submissions, work within your budget, become familiar with the venue space and finally curate your Pop-up art show.

budget and costs

If you are having an opening reception, this will need to be included in your budget as a separate cost; especially if you are planning on serving food and drink.

Additionally, decide whether you would like the works displayed to be on sale at the event also.  Some artists are willing to provide a percentage of the sale to the host of the event.  Think about whether you want to ask for an admissions cost or to charge for programmes etc. This can help you to recoup some of the cost of running the event.

Let us collaborate with artists, designers, thinkers, planners, etc

We work with many artists all of whom can be included in your Pop-up Art show.  These cross many genres and include:-

  • Painting
  • Sculptures
  • Photography
  • Performances Pieces
  • Multi-media
  • Video, etc
  • We also have Lighting, Sound and Stage support to ensure smooth running at the launch event and beyond.

By artfully combining all the above we can create interactive and visually dynamic spaces.

Let us Think about the details

We consider the unconsidered. You sometimes need event insurance, signed waivers from artists, Alcohol licenses (if you want to serve alcohol at an opening).

We ensure you meet your legal requirements. We schedule load in/load out times and coordinate art drop off/pick up.  we plan how each piece is to be presented, shown, hung, placed, and lighted.

Let us curate the exhibition space

We place ourselves in your visitors shoes.  We consider how will they interact with the space.  We ensure the placement of the art pieces make for a pleasing visual experience.  We evaluate how each piece is viewed when moving physically through the space ensuring that the movement and placement work with the exhibition theme.

We take your audience on a journey, considering the piece that they will see first, the direction that you wish to lead viewers in and make certain there are no awkward, empty spaces.

We make sure each art piece is clearly visible and is marked with the appropriate artist information, including title, media, dimensions and signs with additional information like an artist statement or rules for interaction with the works.


Let us allow you to enjoy your Pop-up Art show!

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