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NINE RED Presents…(CIC) was born in a place where people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions and nationalities worked together and played together, where fun and fellowship were the focal point.  NRP was born out of all these experiences, reminding us all that there are more things that connect us than that divide us.  

image Source: MasterYourCraft
Photo Credit: Matt Catlin
Photo Credit: Matt Catlin


Each exhibition is tailor-made to suit your space and audience and comes with a workbook suitable for KS3 (11-14 year olds). 


Interactive creative art workshops, culminating in a multi-media performance created and produced by the participants, featuring exhibition topics.  


Using theatre and multi-media arts to provide stunning performing arts events, focusing on multi-cultural arts and histories.  

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Island Lime 

Filmed At Various locations. Island lime celebrates and explores Caribbean Culture across the 33 Island nations, celebrating the diverse customs, cultures and traditions.

Sugar & Spice & all thats nice!

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A reflective look at the islands of the Caribbean.  Providing a snapshot into Caribbean life across the various islands, depicting their individual cultures, histories, myths and legends as well as their traded and exported goods.  Housed in 24 wooden shipping crates – a subtle nod to our ancestry, it highlights how important the Caribbean was and is in terms of Trade; Rum, Sugar, Tobacco, Spices, Fruit etc.

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Black British History

Black British History: -Contributions made by people of colour to Britain and the world since 2AD.

The African auxiliary unit on Hadrian’s Wall, the slave that taught taxidermy to Charles Darwin, Queen Charlotte and other key historic events and individuals that contributed to the world we live in today.

Timeline of Black British History since 2AD featuring:- 

    • The Black Egyptian Origins of Western Civilisation and the construction of race.
    • The African Romans and the cosmopolitan nature of Roman civilisation.
    • The Black Tudors and Black Georgians
    • Black Britons in the industrial age
    • Hidden Faces and Important Stories

Ancient African Civilisations

Great Zimbabwe, Olmec, Songhai, Egypt – Kerma, Kemet, Kingdom of the Kush and Nubia.   

Black History Month Exhibitions & Workshops on “Ancient African Civilisations” charts the achievements and accomplishments of Africa and her descendants across the globe and since the dawn of time.  Beginning in Africa as the cradle of civilisation and birth place of the first human, “Foot Prints through History” explores the Nile valley civilisations, who developed agriculture and animal husbandry and gave rise to great Ancient African nations such as Kemet (ancient Egypt) Nubia and the Kingdom of the Kush.

“Foot Prints Through History” highlights the influence that Ancient Egypt  had on Alexandra the Great and Ancient Rome and brings to the forefront great civilisations such as the Sumerians, Great Zimbabwe and the Olmec whose civilisations have had a profound influence on the structure of society today and due to colonisation, the international slave trade and the “scrabble for Africa” have been hidden from history.


Black History Month Exhibitions & Workshops, Presentaions & performances.

Sound with Vision  Workshop – This is a Spoken Word and performance based workshops, which encourages participants to produce their own spoken word piece and perform using instruments, movement and/or visual art, while at the same time learning and exploring the traditions that gave rise to spoken word such as the great oral tradition of Africa, poetry slams and street hip hop and mc’s.

Island Lime Workshop – which provides an opportunity for participants to learn Caribbean carnival costume making and traditional dance from the Leeward islands of St Kitt’s and Nevis, as well as explore the history and culture of the islands from the native Siboney, Arawaks and Carib populations, through migration of European (Dutch, English, French, Irish, Italian), African, Asian (Indian and Chinese) nations to produce the Caribbean culture that exists today. The workshop also includes an introduction to fruits, spices and other produce in their natural forms and national dress from the islands.
Black History Month Exhibitions & Workshops Presentations and performances also highlight the inventors, scientists and innovators of African, African-American and African-Caribbean descent that have made substantial contributions in the worlds of science, medicine, politics, law, architecture and education.  Honouring the African auxiliary unit on Hadrian’s Wall, the Tuskegee airmen, the freed slave that taught taxidermy to Charles Darwin, Queen Charlotte and other key contributors to the world we live in today.