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By definition, art undefined is art undefined! Thus we can feel free to display our art form and performance style without the confines of having to fit into some tight labels.  I mean, who really fits in to a label anyway?

So what do we do? At our Core, we are a Poet and a DJ that deliver art-form that fuses Multi-media, Spoken Word, Music, & Visual Arts.  Due to this we can to produce an explosion of sound, colour and movement; both static and live installations, that are temporary or permenant. At our best, we are Life in Motion, creating drama and dance, twisting through time, entwining with sound, colour and movement to weave a tapestry of combined arts.

Unique Concepts

Bespoke Art Projects

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Unique. Undefined.

“My life is going by so fast I hope we go into overtime!” The world has become so fast paced.  With everything defined by labels for easy reference. Nothing simply is.  It feels like we have lost all sense of the individual.  As landscapes merge into blurs as we pass by in a rush for that Bus-Plane-Train-Taxi.   We miss the beauty of existence… Life is a perfect and beautiful tapestry; with intertwined threads weaving through time and space. – Naz Knight

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What We Offer

“Art Undefined! is what we see, when we experience life in its totality.” – Naz Knight

 A free-spirited and multi-faceted organisation.   Our events, our shows and our exhibitions, all encompass art and artists from around the entire Globe.     Our art form is a compilation of art forms from around the world and crosses over genres – Music, Dance, Drama, Spoken Word, Poetry, Visual, Digital and Graphic Art.

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DJ and Poet Collaboration


Sound with a Vision best describes our performance style.  This is because, it is not simply about the words or about the music.  It is about the journey that we take our audience on.  It’s a whole package.

Theatre Arts & Multi-Media Performance

Giving theatre a new home, our theatre arts have as their focus the production of immersive, digital, multimedia plays. 


Pop-Up Art Installations & Exhibitions

Pop-up art has been gaining popularity in both community arts and the art world as a way of breathing life into under used spaces such as commercial spaces.

make a statement

What’s your Pleasure?

You define it, we will create it.

That’s what makes us Art Undefined!

In 2003, when we started Nine Red we wanted to create art that was reflective of who we are – a unique, dynamic, highly collaborative and responsive organisation, that didn’t want to be defined by labels or put in boxes.

As we grew as an organisation, arts organisations, funders and commercial partners put so much pressure on us to define who we are; build a brand, fit into a box with assigned labels and target a specific audience.

However, the work that we produced crosses so many genres, so many industries; we had built a multi-faceted organisation, that just did not fit.  Then there is us personally, “Thou Art Controversial”, by nature we are maverick.

Our art challenges preconceptions and refuses to be defined by other people’s labels. Our art is used to enable our audiences to see a snapshot into other peoples worlds and to view society from another persons eyes.  To see an individual as a whole and not by whatever labels we ascribed them, so the only definition we could have for ourselves would be Art Undefined.

Art Undefined is not a brand, concept or idea, it is who we are and what we do.  It is the essence of our nature and the artwork that we produce; born to transcend labels, we are design refined, no labels assigned, uniquely defined, Art Undefined.


Think Art! Services

Art Undefined - Bespoke Art Services - NINE RED PresentsThe Think Art services are Bespoke Art Projects delivered by NINE RED Presents… (CIC) and can be accessed using the links below.  For more information on NRP’s other services please visit our main website at



Unique, dynamic, highly collaborative, responsive and creative solutions that make statements, without saying a word!

tell your story 

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be-you-tiful! How do you want to feel today? What do you want this art to reflect? Let us tell your story.


Think Therapy, Services

Art Undefined - Bespoke Art Services - NINE RED PresentsThe Think Therapy, services are also delivered by NINE RED Presents… (CIC) and can be accessed using the link below.  For more information on NRP’s other services please visit our main website at  For more information on our Think Therapy services please visit the Art Medicine website at